Home Parties

If you are thinking of having a Burger Van at your party at home, do it! We have catered for many parties at the customers home, we have set up on driveways and in gardens. The response from the guests to there being a burger van at the party is one of amazement.

It can be very time consuming organising a party at home, especially when it comes to catering for your guests. It’s not just preparing the food that takes time, there’s also making your way to the supermarket, making sure you have enough plates to serve it out onto, it’s probably put you off already just thinking about it!

So that’s where we can come in and take all the stress away from you, we will be more than happy to arrange all the catering for you, we provide you with a menu selection to choose exactly what you’d like to serve to your guests, we are flexible enough to be able to cater for most people’s needs when it comes to arranging food and drink for home parties, so if there’s something else you;d prefer to see on the menu we will be more than happy to assist.

Because of our many years experience catering for home parties you can be assured that the service we provide will be second to none. You can be assured that we will play our part in making sure that your house party goes with a bang as far as the catering goes. Check out some of our testimonials to see what people think of us.